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Livery Schools Link

The Livery Schools Link (LSL) aims to promote support for schools in Greater London by Livery Companies themselves and by individual members of the Livery.  They act as a link to introduce schools and Companies and to promote volunteering opportunities to members.  The focus is on assisting children from disadvantaged backgrounds who can benefit from the help provided by Liverymen who typically have a business or professional background and are willing to share their skills.  Ad hoc events such as help with reading, interview technique or CV mentoring are arranged, as are more long-term commitments such as becoming a Governor at a school where there may be a need for someone with analytical or management skills.

As well as these arrangements, LSL organises occasional events such as the Museums Marketplace which, with the help of the Museum of London, brought 20 smaller or less well known museums together under one roof along with 150 teachers from schools, resulting in a growth of awareness of venues for educational visits.  Another such event is the Livery Showcase, where around 20 Livery Companies set up stalls at Apothecaries’ Hall to demonstrate their trades and crafts to around 250 teachers and children, thus promoting the modern relevance of the Livery as representatives of living skills that could provide attractive careers.