The Worshipful
Company of Basketmakers

Let Us Love One Another

100 Yeomanry Regiment

Note: Sadly, 100 Regiment has been disbanded and another regimental affiliation is being sought.

This was the Company’s first military affiliation of modern times in 1980 under PW Neville Rayner when a link was formed with 289 Commando Battery, Royal Artillery (Volunteers).

100th Yeomanry Regiment Royal Artillery is a British Territorial Army Royal Artillery regiment that has three gun batteries. The three batteries are 201 (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry), 266 (Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery) and 307 (South Nottinghamshire Hussars) Battery. The regiment has an extensive array of battle honours, reminding us that until the beginning of the 20th century, the Yeomanry were the reserve cavalry. They were mobilised and deployed in this role until the requirements of increased artillery provision forced the conversion to guns of the junior Yeomanry regiments.

Training with units of 100 Regiment RA is one of the relatively few ways in which Territorial Army soldiers can qualify for Special Forces status via the Reserve Forces Commando Course. Members are also able to see active service, including in Afghanistan and Iraq, and play an important supporting role to the regular army. On a lighter note, they also have a ceremonial role - firing Royal Salutes!

Regular contact is maintained by Court Assistant Simon Langton who provides updates to the Company on the Regiment’s activities and Members of the Regiment are invited to the Basketmakers’ Dinners throughout the year. The Regiment also have live firing days on Salisbury Plain to which Company Members are invited.