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 Basketmakers Charitable Trust

Introducing the Charitable Trust

The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers channels its giving through the Basketmakers Charitable Trust, a registered charity which is independently governed. This helps us make more of a difference to the causes we support.

The Charitable Trust is continuing a long tradition of giving in the City and neighbouring communities. The Trust focuses its charitable support toward: 
      •  Charitable objectives related to the promotion of the basketmaking trade, including education and welfare 
      •  Charitable objectives to the City of London including the Lord Mayor’s Appeal
      •  The Guild Church, St Margaret Pattens
      •  Small charities based mainly in London 
​​​​​​​      •  Benevolence for Company members and their dependents

 We help people from many walks of life. For example, our support for the basketmaking trade includes inspirational initiatives which have social, educational or environmental benefits that extend far beyond the trade.

If you would like to help - or if we can help - we would love to hear from you. 
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Worshipful Company of Basketmakers 2011 Charitable Trust
Registered No: 1141986

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