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Case Studies

Spires: helping the homeless and disadvantaged

Spires helps people to move from lives of distress, isolation and insecurity to a future of greater stability and hope. The South London charity works to improve the quality of life of those who are homeless, insecurely housed, unemployed or suffering from the effects of poverty, mental ill health and loneliness.

Spires offers care, warmth and friendship through its day centre in Streatham and its Streetlink outreach sessions. The wide range of services at the centre include washing facilities, food, clothing and emergency healthcare for anyone who is rough sleeping, and a Women’s Space where women are offered support and opportunities to develop their skills.


The Spires day centre in South London

Cockpit Arts: business training for basketmakers

The Charitable Trust sponsors an annual place for a basketmaker to take up a studio at Cockpit Arts, London, which helps craftspeople to build a successful business. Cockpit Arts provides studio space for a year, business coaching and workshops, selling and promotional opportunities, referral to specialist advisers and the opportunity to collaborate with the Cockpit creative community.

Offering independent makers support to start and sustain their own business not only helps them earn a living commensurate with their talent, it has wider benefits. Research by the Crafts Council shows that craftspeople contribute more than £3.4 billion to the UK economy – and more than half of craft businesses are micro businesses, suggesting a strong reliance on small, independent makers.

Alison Dickens Cockpit Arts.jpg

Alison Dickens, first winner of the Basketmakers’ Award at Cockpit Arts

Theatre Royal Stratford East: inspiring young people to tell their story

The Charitable Trust supports young people’s workshops run by The Theatre Royal Stratford East, in the London Borough of Newham. The theatre is known for nurturing new talent in its diverse communities and exploring stories not often told. The workshops are using the power of theatre to help change the lives of individuals and communities, including vulnerable young people.

A variety of workshops are engaging young people in writing and performing their own plays at festivals across London, sharing ideas and developing their performance skills with partners such as the National Theatre and RADA. As well as opening up career opportunities, the sessions are building confidence, raising self-esteem and empowering young people to find their voice in society.

Young People Festival (2).jpg

Young performers from
​​​​​​​Theatre Royal Stratford East


The Basketmakers' Association

Picture 1.png

HRH The Duchess of Gloucester meets Basketmaker Jenny Crisp

For many years the Charitable Trust has worked closely with the Basketmakers’ Association, the UK’s leading organisation for basketmaking. The Trust provides the Association with funding for a range of projects which increase basketmaking knowledge and skills. These include study course bursaries, exhibitions, seminars and the publication of books on the craft. The Trust’s Walmsley Bursary supports an in-depth study of the craft by a maker each year.

The Trust also supports the following charities on a regular basis:

Lord Mayor’s Appeal:
The Guild Church of St Margaret Pattens:
Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund:
London Youth Choir:
Magical Taxi Tour:
Magic Breakfast: