The Worshipful
Company of Basketmakers

Let Us Love One Another

St Margaret Pattens Church

Founded in 1067 and rebuilt by Wren in 1686-8 at a cost of £5,000, the Guild Church of St Margaret Pattens is our spiritual home.

The link with the Basketmakers’ Company dates back to the Company’s original location within the City in the 15th Century when we were based in Blanche Appleton in the parishes of St Andrew Hubbard and St Margaret Pattens. We share this Guild Church with the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers, whence its name, adopted in mediaeval times to distinguish it from others dedicated to St Margaret.

The church ceased to be a parish church and became one of the City’s Guild Churches in 1954 under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London and within the living of the Lord Chancellor. The church has a regular weekday congregation of City workers and the main service is at 1.15pm on Thursdays and lasts for 40 minutes to allow attendees to return to work within their lunch hours.
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We hold our annual Installation Day Service at the church each October, at which the new Prime Warden is blessed before taking office, then, in December, we hold a joint Carol Service with the Pattenmakers. At both events, music is provided by the highly regarded Choir of St Margaret Pattens.

The Priest in Charge of St Margaret Pattens is appointed as Honorary Chaplain to the Company and attends our Dinners and Banquet to say grace and to join us as our guest. He is available to provide spiritual guidance and support to any member wishing to speak to him.