The Worshipful
Company of Basketmakers

Let Us Love One Another

Routes To Entry

Membership of the Company can be obtained in three ways: by Patrimony; by Servitude; by Redemption.

Patrimony is open to any child, whether natural born or adopted, of a Member, born subsequent to their parent’s admission to the Freedom, on reaching the age of twenty-one

Servitude (or apprenticeship) Historically, the Company's Apprentices would have trained in the craft of basketmaking but this no longer required. Apprenticeship today is an honorific or ceremonial role for young members and an excellent way to introduce children or grandchildren of members to the Company. The applicant, at between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, has been bound as an Apprentice to a Livery Master for between four and eight years. Such apprentices and their Livery Masters have to sign Indentures, and each apprenticeship has to be enrolled at the Chamberlain’s Court in Guildhall, London. On completion of the apprenticeship, and having attained the age of twenty-one, the apprentice can claim admission to the Freedom of the company by right.

Redemption, which is open to applicants not eligible by the previous routes. This is now the usual method of admission to the Freedom. Fines (fees) are payable on admission to the Freedom but no further Fine is payable on taking the Livery. The Fine will vary according to the route of entry and the Member’s age. In addition Members pay an annual Fee (Quarterage) which also varies depending on the category of membership and age of the Member. Each Member is also expected to contribute annually to the Charitable Trust of the Company.