The Worshipful
Company of Basketmakers

Let Us Love One Another

Company Arms

The first mention of the Company's Arms occurs in its Quarter Book dated 26 August 1672, when there was 'Paid for the Coat of Arms 25s'.

The Company's Arms were formally registered at the College of Arms in January 1931. In 1977 the Company petitioned for supporters for their Arms and in 1978, Jubilee Year, were granted silver griffins, similar to those borne earlier unofficially, each now differenced with a collar of basketwork

Azure three cross baskets in pale argent between a prime and an iron on the dexter and a cutting knife and outsticker on the sinister of the second.

On the wreath of the colours a cradle therein a child rocked at the head by a girl and at the feet by a boy, both vested proper.

Azure doubled argent

​​​​​​​Let us love one another